Our next practical surveying course starts on 4 April 2022. We have sufficient bookings for this to run.
We require a £500 deposit to book a place.

We continue to work with Fox's Marina and Boatyard, Ipswich where we have in-house training facilities, access to workshops and brokerage vessels. We are the only provider of hands-on training for small craft marine surveyors. If your background is in the marine industry or you have a thorough understanding of small vessel design and construction, we will show you how to apply that knowledge to surveying. Call or e mail for more information.


Marine Survey Training provides hands-on, practical training in working boatyards to give people the skills and techniques they need to survey small craft. Our business started in 2006 and to date has trained over 200 people, many of who have gone onto build successful businesses in the marine industry. The courses are run by Martin Evans, MYDSA, and Aidan Tuckett, MECAL assisted by visiting specialist lecturers. We are both full time commercial surveyors.

We provide practical training on how to survey a wide range of boats in small groups with a 1:4 instructor/ student ratio. It is not a distance-learning or correspondence course - we are based at the largest working boatyard on the East Coast where we make full use of the vessels and facilties. You will carry out several surveys during the course and, if successful, you will be able to directly apply the knowledge and experience we provide and start practicing as a small craft surveyor when you finish. Many of our established delegates become members of the various surveyors associations. However it is important to understand that most small craft surveying work is unregulated in the UK. There are no formal qualifications or protected titles. We are currently working with Engineering Council bodies to develop credible standards and we also work with practicing surveyors from previous courses on continuing professional development programmes.

We also provide training to Maritime and Coastguard Agency staff, defence contractors, fishing vessel certifying authorities and overseas government staff.

We are based at Fox’s Marina and Boatyard , Ipswich and at the International Boatbuilding TrainingCollege (IBTC) Lowestoft (

You should have a background in yacht and small craft operation and/or construction. You must also be able to write technical reports. We provide training in small craft surveying techniques and the specifics required for associated reports. We also go through all of the construction practices and systems found in yachts and small commercial vessels. You should allow around 100 hours in preliminary study using the course modules that we provide followed by the on-site training.

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For details of our 2022-3 Practical Surveying Courses, contact Aidan Tuckett at or on 07765 35 2364 or Martin Evans at or on 07887 724055


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